2 ALS and 4 TLS recollections of AMT sent to Mrs Turing, before and after the publication of her biography, Alan M. Turing (Heffer: Cambridge, 1959). 26 Nov. 1956 - 23 Mar. 1971 and n.d. Comprises:-

  • Davies, D.W.
  • Erickson, Ralph O.
  • Goodwin, E.T.
  • Lee, Walter H.
  • Lerner, A
  • Pigou, A.C.
  • 2 copies of review by N.A. Routledge in Cambridge Review, 11 June 1960, of Mrs Turing's biography.

Paper, 14 sh. in envelope.

Provenance: Assembled by the A.M. Turing Trust

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