Xerox copies of 2 ALS, 7 TLS and related material exchanged between AMT and I.J. Good, and 8 ALS, 4 TLS and 1 APCS exchanged between IJG and Mrs Turing. 1946-58. Xeroxed material made available by IJG from his own archives (see also C/23). AMT signs his letter, 'Prof', and is so addressed by IJG.

Paper, 36 sh. in 5 envelopes.



1 TLS from AMT to IJG commenting on the MS of IJG's Probability and the Weighing of Evidence (published 1950). Oct. 1946


2 ALS and 4 TLS exchanged between AMT and IJG on the number of neurons in the brain. 25, 28, 31 July, 16, 18 Sept. 1948. The Sept. letters also refer to chess-playing machines. TS copies also catalogued as K/1/76b and K/1/77


2 TLS from IJG to AMT. 3 Oct. 1948 and 27 Feb. 1953. Includes discussion regarding publication of a paper by IJG on population frequencies of species (Biometrica 40, 1953) and AMT's permission to publish



2 ALS and 3 TLS exchanged between IJG and Mrs Turing in reply to her request for information and recollections about AMT, with various reminiscences, including references to AMT's buried silver. 12 Nov. - 28 Dec. 1956


6 ALS, 1 TLS and 1APCS exchanged between IJG and Mrs Turing, mainly on the writing and publication of her biography. 10 Nov. 1957 - 21 May 1958.