Précis of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. [c. 1927]. AMS notes putting the argument of The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein in simple form, taking the book chapter by chapter, with directions on how to read it. Includes Calendars for 1928 and 1929 on back cover. MS note on inside cover by Mrs Turing, 'Précis of The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein, written for his mother, by Alan M. Turing, when aged 15 ½' . TS letter inserted inside front cover from Mrs Turing to the Librarian of King's College, presenting the book to the College, 31 May, 1960.

Paper, 1 notebook and 25 sh. in envelope. Includes xerox copy.

See also C/21

Provenance: In June 1960, Mrs Sara Turing (AMT's mother and biographer) presented items relating to her son to King's College, Cambridge.

Copyright: Copyright © The Provost and Scholars of King's College Cambridge

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