Press cuttings, TS and xerox copies of articles and obituaries. 1946-60. Includes:-

  • 16 press cuttings on ACE, AMT's athletics, and obituaries of AMT
  • TS and TS copy by Mrs Turing of obituary notice for AMT from National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
  • TS copy by Mrs Turing of article on AMT from Nature (18 Sept. 1954) by R.O. Gandy
  • Xerox of 'Man Viewed as a Machine' by John G. Kemeny in Scientific American (Apr. 1955, pp.58-67)
  • Tekhnika Molodezhi (Apr. 1955, pp.7-10), containing an article on Turing machine. Also TS of translation of this article ('Can "thinking" machines solve any problem?' by V. Pekelis), translated by H.J. Norton, 4 May 1960
  • King's College Annual Report, 1954, containing obituary of AMT on pp.5-6

Paper, 17 items in envelope.

Provenance: In June 1960, Mrs Sara Turing (AMT's mother and biographer) presented items relating to her son to King's College, Cambridge.

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