Ashby, W. Ross

Off-print, 'The physical origin of adaptation by trial and error' from The Journal of General Psychology, (32, 1945);

Off-print, 'Design for a brain' from Electronic Engineering, Dec. 1948;

Off-print, 'The stability of a randomly assembled nerve-network' from Clinical Neurophysiology, (2, 1950);

Off-print, 'A new mechanism which shows simple conditioning' from The Journal of Psychology, (29, 1950);

Off-print, 'Can a mechanical chess-player outplay its designer?' from The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, (Vol. III, No. 9, 1952).

Paper, 5 items in envelope. Printed.

Provenance: Presented to the Archive Centre in May 1996 by Professor Michael Yates, Robin Gandy's executor. The material was previously in the possession of Robin Gandy who had been one of AMT's executors.

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