Folder inscribed, 'Morphogens. Turing I'. With MS note by Gandy, ' This contains consecutive pieces which were not incorporated by Hoskin and Richards in their paper'. Includes, among other unidentified pages:-

  • 'Outline of the development of the daisy'. Includes sections on 'Considerations governing the choice of parameter' and 'Early stages in pattern formation'. Numbered by R.O. Gandy
  • worked example of the theory in Morphogen theory of phyllotaxis II, showing how orthogonal eigenfunctions can be chosen for a linear model of diffusion between four discrete cells arranged as three satellites around a central cell
  • '13 Stationary waves in continuous tissue and abstract space'
  • 'Forced waves'
  • 'discarded FIRSTART values'
  • '4. The equations applied to a plane'
  • 'Effect of quadratic terms'
  • Substantial set of drafts and calculations, with [? Hoskin's] separate page heading, 'Stability and approximations'
  • 'Hex stability with different values of ?'
  • 'Damping due to the J term'
  • draft of 'solvable and unsolvable problems' (Penguin Science News 31, 1954)
  • 'Lattice solutions and their stability'
  • 'Fig X': a nomogram.

Provenance: received from N.E. Hoskin in 1978

Copyright: Copyright © The Provost and Scholars of King's College Cambridge

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