Folder inscribed, 'Turing 4'. With MS note by R.O. Gandy, 'It will be difficult, in some places impossible, to know exactly what the fragments are (exactly) about.' Inside the folder is a note by Hoskin, 'I have not been able to fit in any of the following notes in the main articles. In many cases there are other notes, presumably superseded, on the reverse of these pages. Some of these are not sequential.' Many of these drafts are on the back of programme sheets for Manchester University Computing Machine Laboratory, and some carry routines related to the themes of the MSS, and perhaps intended to test them. The material is in the form of bundles clipped together, some with AMT's heading or description, and have been left as received. Includes:-

  • 'Pessimum compressed hexagonal golden lattice'
  • 'Half way compressible golden lattice'
  • 'Golden rectangular lattice'
  • 'FIRCONES. Paper theory'. Drafts, notes, and calculations
  • 'KJELL Theory'. Drafts, notes, and calculations. Page 7, labelled 'NORMAST', contains a subroutine tree including a number of the subroutines described in the folder
  • 'KJELL PREP TRACK PAIRS'. Drafts, notes and calculations, in ink and pencil, with many revisions and corrections. Some pages used on both sides, and some top and bottom
  • notes, signed B.R. [Bernard Richards] on 'Morphogenesis of cellular structure'
  • notes and calculations, with computer routine 'OUTERFIR', perhaps related to FIRCONES, and notes for modification of OUTERFIR programme
  • table of flower species used by AMT for work on morphogenesis
  • untitled notes, calculations and diagrams, many on lattices
  • 'Naturally occurring phyllotactic patterns'
  • 'Amplitude with 1 dimensional waves'
  • 'Rate of change of wavelength'
  • 'Measurements taken on some specimens'
  • TS, 'Evidence relating to the diffusion reaction theory of morphogenesis', by C.W. Wardlaw, with MS note at head, 'Rough draft. A.M. Turing'.

Provenance: Received from N.E. Hoskin in 1978

Copyright: Copyright © The Provost and Scholars of King's College Cambridge, N. E. Hoskin and B. Richards

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