TS, 'A practical form of type theory II' with AMS annotations. c. 1948. This was intended as a continuation of B/3, the contents being summarised on page 1 by AMT, 'In this paper theorems A and B enunciated in Part 1 are proved'. Page 1 also bears MS note by R.O. Gandy, 'Pages nod by ROG as they lay (manuscript pages given letter, e.g., 50A, 50B, etc)'. Includes many AMS additional papers, numbered 1-81, followed by a sequence of manuscript pages as follows: 1, 'note to p.7', 2-16, 18, 19, 22.

Please note that some of the AMS pages were written on both sides, with the back upside-down with respect to the front, or on one side of scrap paper - pages which have a TS on the back - and sometimes the TS side is upside-down with respect to the AMS side. In such cases the images of the backs have been rotated so that they are easily read, even though this obscures the fact that they were upside-down in the original.

Paper, 125 items in envelope.

Provenance: Assembled after AMT's death by Dr. Robin Gandy, to whom these manuscripts were left by AMT in his will (see A/5).

Copyright: Copyright © The Provost and Scholars of King's College Cambridge

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