Folder inscribed by R.O. Gandy, 'Letters from AMT to MHAN [Professor Max Newman] (c. 1940) mostly about Church's "calculus of λ conversion" but also about "ordinal logics" and Church's theory of types. + 1 unsent to Church'. Include suggested dates and notes by R.O. Gandy. Comprise:-

  • 1 ALS from King's College, Cambridge, with notes by R.O. Gandy, 'Early 1940?' and 'Concerning Church's lecture notes on λ calculus and ordinal logics'
  • 1 ALS from Bletchley, 23 Mar., with notes by R.O. Gandy on 1st page, 'Must be 1940' and 'Mostly about λ calcs', and also annotations and corrections in pencil
  • 1 ALS from Bletchley, 21 Apr., with note by R.O. Gandy, 'Must be 1940'
  • 1 ALS from Bletchley, n.d., with note by R.O. Gandy, 'About Ax of Inf. in Church's type theory. Summer or autumn (or winter) 1940'
  • 1 ALS, no heading or date, with note by R.O. Gandy, 'must be 1942' regarding paper in collaboration with Newman (R.S. 1942a) and also referring to AMT's work on 'dots as brackets' (see R.S. 1942b) and his projected extended work on type theory. See B/3 and C/6
  • 1 page of TL to Church, n.d., but begins, 'I enclose corrected proof of my paper "Practical forms of type theory"' (see R.S. 1948b). Mainly about 'Turing machines'. A line is drawn through this letter

Paper, 29 items in envelope.

Provenance: Assembled by the A.M. Turing Trust

Copyright: Copyright © The Provost and Scholars of King's College Cambridge

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