Photographs of AMT, and related material. 1917-51. Items formerly held in A/4 and Misc. 81/12 have been incorporated into K/7.

Paper, 20 items in envelope.

Provenance: In June 1960, Mrs Sara Turing (AMT's mother and biographer) presented items relating to her son to King's College, Cambridge.


Modern reprint of AMT aged 5, full length, wearing a sailor suit


AMT aged 5, head and shoulders, wearing a sailor suit


AMT with school friends, Robin and John Wainwright and Hugh Highet, taken at Waterloo Station on the way to the school carriage at Charing Cross Station. [? Early 1926]. Inscribed on back with names and location. Former ref: Misc. 81/12


AMT aged 16, head and shoulders


AMT aged 39, on his election as Fellow of the Royal Society, head and shoulders, 1951.


Printed copy of K/7/5 with AMT's signature


AMT aged 39, taken at same session as K/7/5, but slightly different pose


AMT running, inscribed on back, 'National Physical Lab. 2nd in 3 miles', [26 Dec. 1946]


8 passport sized photographs of AMT, head and shoulders, in different poses. n.d. Former ref: A/4


Modern reprint of members of the Ratio Club (an interdisciplinary group of leading young researchers, started in 1948). AMT sitting lower left. Photograph possibly taken at a meeting in Cambridge in 1951. Former ref: A/4


Modern reprint of the Universal Electronic Computer installed at Manchester University by Ferranti Ltd. AMT standing to the right. n.d. Former ref: A/4


Modern reprint of AMT standing on the steps of a bus with other members of the Walton Athletic Club, an amateur club based in Walton, Surrey. Club members probably on their way to a meeting on a Saturday in 1946. Location is Hersham Road, Walton. Original in possession of Mr Harding, custodian of archives of Walton Athletic Club. Photographer unknown.


MS note, 'Caption under Alan's photo at the N.P.L.'. Former ref: A/4.