Publications by others

These volumes and off-prints, many of which have annotations by AMT, are listed alphabetically by author.

Provenance: Presented to the Archive Centre in May 1996 by Professor Michael Yates, Robin Gandy's executor. The material was previously in the possession of Robin Gandy who had been one of AMT's executors.


Abraham, M.

Theorie Der Elektrizität II : Elektromagnetische (B.G.Teubner: Leipzig and Berlin, 1923).

Paper, 1 vol. In German. Printed.


Ashby, W. Ross

Off-print, 'The physical origin of adaptation by trial and error' from The Journal of General Psychology, (32, 1945);

Off-print, 'Design for a brain' from Electronic Engineering, Dec. 1948;

Off-print, 'The stability of a randomly assembled nerve-network' from Clinical Neurophysiology, (2, 1950);

Off-print, 'A new mechanism which shows simple conditioning' from The Journal of Psychology, (29, 1950);

Off-print, 'Can a mechanical chess-player outplay its designer?' from The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, (Vol. III, No. 9, 1952).

Paper, 5 items in envelope. Printed.


Ball, W.W. Rouse

Mathematical Recreations and Essays (Macmillan Ltd: London, 1928).

Paper, 1 vol. Printed.


Bernays, Paul

Off-print, 'Bemerkungen zu den Grundlagen der Geometrie' from Courant Anniversary Volume, 1948.

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed. In German.


Birkhoff, Garrett

Off-print, 'Lie groups simply isomorphic with no linear group' from Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Dec. 1936;

Off-print, 'Representability of lie algebras and lie groups by matrices' from Annals of Mathematics (Vol. 38, No. 2, Apr. 1937).

Paper, 2 items in envelope. Printed.


Brooker, R.A., Gill, S. and Wheeler, D.J.

Off-print, 'Discussions: The adventures of a blunder' from Mathematical Tables and Other Aids to Computation, (VI, No. 38, Apr. 1952).

Paper, 1 sh. in envelope. Printed.



Cameron, J.M.

TS 'Body and mind', n.d.

Paper, 6 sh. in envelope.


Dörrie, Heinrich

Triumph Der Mathematik (Ferdinand Hirt: Breslau, 1933).

Paper, 1 vol. Printed. In German.


Fraenkel, Abraham A.: Off-print, 'The recent controversies about the foundation of mathematics' from Scripta Mathematica (Vol. XIII, Nos. 1-2, Mar.-June, 1947);

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Fraenkel, Stanley P.

TS 'On the design of automata and the interpretation of cerebral behaviour' with covering TLS from Winifred Whitfield to AMT, Aug. 1953.

Paper, 27 sh. in envelope.


Gentzen, Gerhard

Off-print, 'Die Widerspruchfreiheit der reinen Zahlentheorie' from Mathematische Annalen, (Vol. 112, No. 4, 1936);

Off-print, 'Die Widerspruchfreiheit der Stufenlogik' from Mathematische Zeitschrift, (Vol. 41, No. 3, 1936);

Off-print, 'Unendlichkeitsbegriff und Widerspruchfreiheit der Mathematik' from Actualités Scientifiques et Industrielles, the Report of IXth International Congress of Philosophy, Paris 1-6 Aug. 1937.

Paper, 3 items in envelope. Printed.


Heisenberg, Werner

The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory (University of Chicago Press: Chicago, 1930).

Paper, 1 vol. Printed.


Jefferson, Geoffrey

Off-print, 'The mind of mechanical man', The Lister Oration delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England on 9 June 1949 from the British Medical Journal, (Vol. 1, 25 June, 1949);

Off-print, 'René Descartes on the localisation of the soul' from Irish Journal of Medical Science, (No. 285, Sept. 1949).

Paper, 2 items in envelope. Printed.


Jeffreys, Harold

Off-print, 'The nature of mathematics' from Philosophy of Science, (Vol. 5, No. 4, Oct. 1938).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.



Littlewood, J.E.

The elements of the theory of real functions, being notes of lectures delivered in the University of Cambridge, (W. Heffer and Sons Ltd: Cambridge, 1926). Includes AMS notes by AMT.

Paper, 1 vol. Printed.


MacKay, D.M.

Off-print, 'Mindlike behaviour in artefacts' from The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, (Vol. II, No. 6, Aug. 1951).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


McCulloch, Warren S., Lettvin, J.Y., Pitts, Walter. H. and Dell, Paul C.

Off-print, 'An electrical hypothesis of central inhibition and facilitation' from 'Patterns of Organisation in the Central Nervous System' (Vol. XXX of Proceedings of the Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Diseases, 15 and 16 Dec. 1950).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Neumann, Johann von

Mathematische Grundlagen Der Quantenmechanik (Julius Springer: Berlin, 1932);

Xerox TS, 'First draft of a report on the EDVAC'. Contract No. W-670-ORD-4926 between the United States Army Ordnance Department and the University of Pennsylvania. 30 June 1945.

Paper, 1 vol. and 107 sh. in envelope. Vol. printed.


Newman, M.H.A.

Off-print, 'On theories with a combinatorial definition of "Equivalence"' from Annals of Mathematics, (Vol. 43, No. 2, Apr. 1942).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Oettinger, Anthony G.

Off-print, 'Programming a digital computer to learn' from the Philosophical Magazine, (Ser. 7, Vol. xliii, Dec. 1952).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Polanyi, Michael

Off-print, 'Scientific beliefs' from Ethics, (Vol. LXI, No. 1, Oct. 1950).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Pringle, J.W.S.

Off-print, 'On the parallel between learning and evolution' from Behaviour, (Vol. III, 3, 1951).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Schrödinger, Erwin

Four Lectures on Wave Mechanics (Blackie and Son Ltd: London and Glasgow, 1928).

Paper, 1 vol. Printed.


Stahl, Gerold

Off-print, 'Linguistic structures isomorphic to object structures' from Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, (Vol. XXIV, No. 3, Mar. 1964).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Stead, G.C.

Off-print, 'On total depravity'. Publication details unknown.

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Watson, A.G.D.

Off-print, 'Mathematics and its foundations' from MIND : A Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy, (Vol. XLVII, N.S. No. 188, 1938).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.