TS, 'Morphogen theory of phyllotaxis. Part I. Geometrical and descriptive phyllotaxis.' TS made by N.E. Hoskin and B. Richards, based largely on AMT's TS in C/25. Includes MS corrections by N.E. Hoskin after AMT's death. Accompanying MS note by R.O. Gandy reads 'Draft of paper intended for Transactions of Royal Society written by N. E. Hoskin and B. Richards from manuscripts of A.M. T. and notes of lectures given in Manchester'. [After Dec. 1954].

Paper, 42 sh. in envelope.

Provenance: Assembled after AMT's death by Dr. Robin Gandy, to whom these manuscripts were left by AMT in his will (see A/5).

Copyright: Copyright © The Provost and Scholars of King's College Cambridge, N. E. Hoskin and B. Richards 1954. Published in Collected Works: Elsevier

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