'Additional notes on Alan M. Turing and papers relative to him and his work'. c. 1946-64. Contains MS, TS and CTS notes made by Mrs Turing, with quotes from her own letters about her son's childhood, recollections of AMT's school and university career assembled from teachers, colleagues, etc. (generally dated but not all in chronological order and some unattributed), tributes, comments and assessments of AMT's work, etc. Includes press cuttings, articles, and a section 'on the manner of Alan Turing's death'. Also includes 1 TLS from Albert M. Uttley, 1958 on ACE and 1 TLS from Vivian Bowden, 1964, as well as a transcript of part of a letter by Donald Michie on chess-playing machines*.

Paper, 51 items in envelope. Some items also in K/2 and A/1- A/2.

* See also D/3

Provenance: Assembled by the A.M. Turing Trust

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